WOMEN IN TECH MOOC starts on Tuesday

Next Tuesday we will start with our WOMEN IN TECH MOOC.

Free registration is now open.

The hashtag is: #witmooc23

Next Tuesday we will start with our WOMEN IN TECH MOOC.

Free registration is now open.

The hashtag is: #witmooc23


Europe is getting older and older. Many baby boomers are retiring soon – and there are many changes ahead. Who will do all the work during the transition period?

Women, we hear, are suddenly a ray of hope in the job market. At the same time, they have been neglected all these years. From the age of 45, they were hardly on the shortlist. Many have resigned. That should change now, because there are many opportunities in the technology industry.

But new skills need to be developed – and the first step is to build a mindset that sees an opportunity in the digital world of work. This is where we want to start and encourage women to participate in the digital transformation. Constructive, energetic, optimistic.


Our MOOC will be available for at least 2 years starting in May 2023. We start from the May 2 through June 1, 2023, with a live performance. During these 5 weeks we will publish a recorded video with drums every Tuesday and Thursday. In total, we will feature 10 interesting women from the technology industry. We’ve got a nice mix together there. On the intervening Wednesdays, we will have 1 live call via video conference that you can join as well.


The topic is super important and we have collected really nice personal Learning Journeys. It is encouraging – for us as well – to see how women from very different positions and backgrounds have set out on their journey. And make a difference in their respective ways.


No, we are not looking for financial support, but for network effects – see our current newsletter issue (unfortunately in German) 👇🏼 👇🏼

Have a great long weekend!

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