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Digital skills and the demand of companies

In Austria, too, there is concern about the need for rapid action to deal with the many crises. In front of an impressive backdrop, representatives […]

CLC Future Talk with Sirkka Freigang

Sirkka Freigang and yours truly are now also part of the core team of the Corporate Learning Community. In the context of this, Sirkka had […]

AnjaTime 055 Mindset in the training republic

Here’s the second part on transforming training about the importance of growth mindsets across all levels of hierarchy in a training republic. Here are my […]

Then we just play productivity theater

The view of remote work productivity is illustrious. Study after study has shown that office workers are very productive when they are free to choose […]

Age helps to create a successful business

Startups are often associated with the younger generations. They are considered fresh, innovative, creative, open to new things and eager to experiment. On the other […]

Fierce culture war in mathematics

I’ve reported on Stanford math professor Jo Boaler before. Since the beginning of her research on how to bring mathematics to people from lower-income families, […]

UnternehmerTUM: Dare to network more

At the turn of the millennium, Helmut Schönenberger wrote his business administration thesis at the Technical University of Munich about Stanford University and its significance […]

An algorithm for professional reorientation?

Researchers at the University of Lausanne have addressed two questions that are often asked in the context of our overall societal gainful employment mantra when […]

One-sided interpretations of Silicon Valley

Developing a critical understanding of our times is perhaps the most important facet of competence in a democratically legitimized society. Public broadcasting, with its educational […]


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