The Women in Tech MOOC with Esther Dyson launched

Interview with Esther Dyson

You can now watch and listen to the interview with Esther Dyson, a pioneer of the Internet, as she talks about her professional life, from being a reporter for the American business magazine Forbes to an angel investor and more. In between, she even completed training as a space participant.

What a woman!

As a pioneer, Esther Dyson explained the world to us in the mid-1990s with the book“Release 2.0 – A design for living in the Digital Age“. Today she is an entrepreneur and above all an investor. People like Esther Dyson are exactly the kind of women we need, because they inspire us, help us think outside the box, and have the courage to enter new digital territory.

The best training: Ask questions

What Esther Dyson recommends us to do in the MOOC: Ask questions! Then listen to the answers, but don’t believe everything you hear. Be skeptical and find out what is true.

Tip for women 45+

As a woman who is older, you have a lot of perspective and wisdom. And that is what the world needs now …

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