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Warm up for the Women in Tech MOOC

What is it about?

Europe is under attack! Climate change, war, digital transformation: Suddenly we have to change the course of our economy. Old industries, networks and ways of thinking are not the way forward. We need more ambition, more heart, more intelligence. In short, we need more women in business, especially more ambitious women, at an advanced age. Let’s say 45 plus.

To find our feminine way to a more ambitious future, we need to combine our experiences and open ourselves to possible modern scenarios that we could develop. To do this, we need more women who can flourish in new technological developments.

Even though our future economy will be digitally driven, we don’t all have to become hardcore developers or hacker nerds. It’s perfectly fine to move slowly from one perspective to another. Okay, the world will be more interconnected with machines, but that’s not the problem.

The eye of the needle for a more livable future is just a step or three away. Translated into skills: With all the experience and skills women have developed throughout their lives, there are few additional skills that are needed.

We therefore invite you to take a more holistic view of digital life. Sustainable, ambitious, pragmatic. Let’s come together for a unique live experience: The Women in Tech MOOC .

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Women in Tech MOOC

Live from 2 May to 1 June 2023 for inspiration

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