Artificial intelligence – where is the best place to study this?

Sepp Hochreiter, German computer science professor at Justus Kepler University Linz was named Austrian of the Year in the field of research in 2018. “His research interests include [according to Wikipedia and for classification here] various machine learning techniques, including deep learning, reinforcement learning, and representational learning, as well as biclustering, matrix factorization, and statistical […]

AnjaTime #009 Cebit, Spirit & Visions

Management consultants are always on the lookout for methods and tools with which they can turn key screws in companies. I had to think about that on the train ride, because I was a guest at Cebit due to #cebiteda. The entire competency debate has led to the central problem of a culture of change […]

AnjaTime #008: Open Government & Education 4.0

What do most engaged people have in common with pedagogy? Right, they try to reach people through the head, to teach them with arguments and insights for the good. Can that still work in the 21st century in the networked world that is heavily enriched with images? Rather rare. You have to meet people halfway, […]