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Artificial intelligence – where is the best place to study this?

Sepp Hochreiter, German computer science professor at Justus Kepler University Linz was named Austrian of the Year in the field of research in 2018. “His research interests include [according to Wikipedia and for classification here] various machine learning techniques, including deep learning, reinforcement learning, and representational learning, as well as biclustering, matrix factorization, and statistical techniques. He is also involved in data mining and computational linguistics (natural language processing).”

In the linked podcast, they basically talk about AI in industry. The mission is to demystify artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to get industry users excited about these technologies.

The question they ask Sepp Hochreiter in this episode is which ten universities he would recommend to students worldwide for training in order to gain the best starting conditions for AI. And that brings us to the epicenter of the future of work.

His hit list is surprising, although it should not necessarily be seen as a ranking (the university in 10th place is not necessarily weaker than 4th place, it just depends on the desired focus). But look for the German universities …

  • 10. University of Cambridge
  • 9th Université de Montréal
  • 8. Carnegie Mellon University
  • 7. MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 6. new york university
  • 5. aalto university Helsiniki
  • 4. University of Amsterdam
  • 3. justus kepler university linz
  • 2. university of Tübingen (if necessary also TU Berlin)
  • 1. ETH Zurich

Because of the justifications, you should listen to the podcast episode. Interesting – also why the technical universities from Germany and Asia were not mentioned. I could also imagine that for German researchers at German universities, the machine learning approach is far too weak, mundane and pragmatic – they are working on something higher. For sometime in the future 😉

Article published on piqd on September 13, 2022 as a reference to the AI podcast episode AI and Education – The 10 Best Universities for AI and Machine Learning.

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