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CLC23: Labor Market of the Future & Women in Tech MOOC

Last week at the CLC23 barcamp, I held a session on the cover topic: Labor Market of the Future and the Women in Tech MOOC, among others.

In advance

I had announced the following:

Since the beginning of May 2023, we have been discussing the potentials of a technology-driven, digital working world together with diverse women, mostly older than 45, in our EU-funded Women in Tech MOOC. We talk about life journeys, lifestyle hacks and complex life experiences. And what trails are emerging as to how age-advanced women can take off in the digital world of work, even if they have so far been more active in the analog industrial society.

As is well known, they are all needed on the labor market in view of the well-known shortage of skilled workers. Although recruiting processes often still struggle with them for various reasons.

  • Why is that?

This is something I would like to discuss in this slot with those present, how we can work together to exert more social pressure so that this large target group of women over 45 can find suitable points of contact for themselves.


To kick things off, I gave a little boost that you can listen to in our tech course docked to the MOOC (after free registration). The central highlight, towards which my little arc of tension was heading, was this graph showing how low the proportion of women in science and engineering professions is, especially in western Germany – compared to other European regions.

Why is this so? Why is Germany so structurally conservative, especially in the prosperous West German states? What do you think?


Following the barcamp session, I was allowed to record a short session reflection via podcast in conversation with Sebastian Haffner from SAP. This is a compilation of all reflections from Hamburg. You can find my part from 1:07:00 to 1:20:00.

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