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Why the Working Class is hardly noticed by the media

Diversity seems to have become a broadly accepted topic. Gender, migration background, religion, skin color, etc. play an increasingly minor role in job appointments. Certainly, the Thomases are still dominantly represented in the executive ranks, but awareness has improved somewhat in this regard. Not so when it comes to original class membership. In this exquisite article, Julia Friedrichs (also a piqerin) elaborates this beautifully using the example of the professional march through exclusive editorial offices.

Prerequisites for acceptance in established editorial offices are usually a degree, several internships, a certain habitus and certain social interests. If these are not ideally compatible with the traditional academic majority society, this systematically excludes people from the working class. They hardly find their way into journalistic circles, which like to see themselves as social elites.

These are interesting examples from the current media business, which Julia Friedrichs presents in this article in a multifaceted and almost investigative journalistic way. Absolutely recommended reading! It gives you a much better understanding of how the media public sets issues and (doesn’t) discuss them.

Article published on piqd on November 12, 2022 as a reference to the post. In a class of its own? Why academics dominate editorial offices

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