What did we learn in the #china40mooc?

Looking back at our #china40mooc, we asked some questions in our collaborative community that we wanted to answer collectively.

The “problem” in dealing with China is that, due to the hegemonic discourse, we are “taught” a fundamentally negative view of China, from which no one can initially free themselves. In the MOOC we learned – and we all agreed – that China is a highly ambivalent country, not least because of its digital developments. As is well known, everything has two sides. We wanted to express this through our theses, which are as irritating as possible.

For this purpose, we first collected different theses per question on how one could theoretically look at China. At the end, we selected 2 theses per question to present in a live hangout (see below). It should be noted that we a) not all assess the topic in the same way and b) Individuals also expressed the theses of others, even if they distanced themselves from them in terms of content. Our aim was to show different points of view. The subject can only be approached dialectically.

The 12 questions

If you click on the graphics, you can view and read our 2 theses.

Our live hangout from May 13, 2019


From minute 37:42 you will find PART 2 in the video: Our personal lessons learned. STAY TUNED!!!

Many thanks to all involved! Was great fun!

P.S. Our wiki for the #CHINA40MOOC with all relevant info and research can be found here . Have fun!

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