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The future of work is foreseeable

With this film documentary, ARTE takes up the old question of how digitization, AI and robotics are replacing more and more traditional jobs – and thus widening the gap between rich and poor.

There will be those who are highly skilled at using the new technologies – and the growing precariat who will take on platform-based work. The middle class is already dwindling. In the USA, this has long been a broad reality. Not least the book and film Nomadland vividly demonstrated the dark side of the new world of work.

In this documentary, too, such protagonists have their say, alternating between positive and negative portrayals of the potentials and risks.

What remains open is the question of whether work as such can and will really continue to be the central, meaning-giving element of our societies?! And what contribution the education system and, I would add, the social security system can make to adequately support people here.

Developments are currently being discussed less prominently in view of the many crises. In doing so, it will be necessary to balance the emerging societal pressures with addressing the fundamental climate crisis. A continuation of the working society of the 20th century will not succeed in turning the tide.

  • Documentary by Laurens Grant (USA 2021, 53 min)
  • Translated into German by ARTE
  • Video available on YouTube until 04.12.2022

Article published on piqd on June 6, 2022 as a reference to the ARTE documentary The New Industrial Revolution.

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