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[EduFutures] Mandy Singer-Brodowski: ESD & Transformative Learning

What is this episode about?

Mandy Singer-Brodowski has been working for many years as a researcher in the field of education for sustainable development and transformative learning at the Institut Futur of the FU Berlin. She is currently a visiting professor there as part of Freie Universität’s international joint project UNA Europa.

“Science Creates Futures” defines transformative learning at the individual level as a profound shift in consciousness that touches our understanding of ourselves as well as our relationships with others and nature. In addition to individual development, transformative learning in the educational process also aims to empower learners to become agents of change.

What contribution ESD as a science can and wants to make here, to make people capable of acting for the necessary transformation, was a central question in our conversation.


General podcast description

The limits of the planet have been reached. It needs (once again) a big transformation how we humans can and want to shape our life on earth. Jobs will be eliminated in the future, qualifications will become obsolete, and the promise of education will mutate. In short: Everything is changing!


Transformative learning in rural areas – together with Dr. Joachim Borner from KMGNE

What is it about?

For many, the city is not only a place of longing, but is also considered to be probably the most ecological way of life for the majority of people. The influx into the metropolises continued for years – until a countermovement began. Now more and more people are drawn to the countryside. Young families in particular are seeking their fortune in new, collectively networked structures in the countryside.

Rural areas are changing not least because of this – energy is flowing and with it new hope. What does this mean for the new learning of all from and with all? What new opportunities for participation are emerging?

The podcast

We want to analyze this constructively and critically here – with all the problems and hopes that are associated with it? To that end, we are opening up a research space with this collaborative podcast series to work together to figure out how people can transformatively shape the many changes taking place.

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