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AI-based platforms can lead to more meaningful work

The pandemic period has brought many changes to the professional world. Distributed work across decentralized, digital environments brought a new normality for knowledge workers: Flexibility is breaking through everywhere, partly because people now have the leisure to rethink the meaningfulness of their work. And to draw consequences from this:

According to a survey by the consulting firm EY, almost half of German workers were interested in changing employers last year. While 58 percent of them would be most likely to be persuaded to switch by a better salary, more interesting work content would be a legitimate motive for switching for 34 percent of respondents, and better opportunities for personal development for 27 percent.

“The Great Resignation” is a widely identified problem, first in the U.S., that affects more than just precarious jobs. Even large companies with well-paid employment contracts are affected by high employee turnover – worldwide. Many people are looking for new roles in other companies. Unless their further development is better promoted internally.

According to a study of 32,000 LinkedIn users, 70 percent of workers who were promoted within three years of being hired stay with their employer for five more years. Companies have about the same chance (62 percent) of retaining their employees if they can offer them a change within the company.

This is supported by internal mobility platforms that link workflows, personal competence profiles, experience and interests with training and further education offers in an AI-based manner in order to support employees in their “career”.

Employee retention is the buzzword of large companies by regularly offering and directing their salaried employees to new jobs. This saves considerable money that would otherwise have to be spent on finding new employees.

The linked article outlines some possible platforms. An interesting development!

Article published on piqd on April 30, 2022 as a reference to the Computerwoche article Employee turnover can be combated – with AI

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