5 tips how to set up Online teaching sustainably! (part 5/5)

Design contemporary scenarios for online teaching

Today we would like to present you the last one for the time being, namely the 5th teaching-learning scenario:

  1. Classic scenario
  2. Entry online scenario
  3. Blended learning scenario
  4. Co-creative scenario
  5. Collaborative scenario 4.0

5. Collaborative scenario 4.0

In the final teaching-learning scenario, we advance into project work in which learners are (perhaps even) interdisciplinarily guided by different teachers along a clear project goal. Here, a common theme is set and approached more or less purely online in a time-shifted manner. The face-to-face sessions serve to familiarize learners with the format and to introduce them to it. In the age of Corona, however, this can easily be done online.

In the collaborative scenario, the ideal situation is that new things are created by the project teams, the results of which can be taken up and further developed by other teams at a later date. In this way, one enters a collective mode of creation that goes far beyond the classical transmission of knowledge and brings creativity to fruition.

In the interest of urgently needed future competence, a self-learning competence is strengthened here that people will need all the more to shape the new world after Corona. We wish you much success!

Project-based, self-directed learning
Pure online


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