5 tips how to set up Online teaching sustainably! (part 4/5)


Design contemporary scenarios for online teaching

Today we would like to present you the 4th teaching scenario:

  1. Classic scenario
  2. Entry online scenario
  3. Blended learning scenario
  4. Co-creative scenario
  5. Collaborative scenario 4.0

4. Co-creative scenario

As you can see, we have designed the co-creative scenario similar to a blended learning scenario, but here the online phases are used for self-directed learning phases.

Here, content is made available in multimedia form and communication takes place asynchronously via modern messenger services.

Teachers and learners thus form a temporary community of practice in which they work together and learn from each other. The instructors create a learning-goal-oriented learning atmosphere and discreetly set guidelines, work in the margins and are available as a contact person at all times.

This scenario is framed by an upstream and a downstream presence event, which can also be implemented differently in Corona mode. But that shouldn’t be a problem in principle and can be implemented well that way, especially for target groups that live far away from each other.

Fundamental transformation of the teaching
Pure online


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