New Work & Future Skills

Student course from 2021 as a follow-up MOOC to the Work 4.0 MOOC.

In the summer of 2021, we were asked to update the successful Work 4.0 MOOC. Reflecting on the topic, it became apparent that an understanding of the current upheavals as a prerequisite for the development of a contemporary future competence requires a fundamentally new approach.

To the TH Lübeck learning platform

Here is the intro text on their course home page, but it was not formulated by us:

Higher, faster, further: Our world, or more precisely, the spiral of growth and development is turning faster and faster. What’s hip today may be all the rage tomorrow.

And that doesn’t just apply to fashion, computers — visual habits in general. Invisible data highways and monster-sized data centers are accelerating change in the industrial and working worlds at dizzying rates.

Everything will change, not just the lifelines at the heart of industries. Also the way we want to think about, value, enable, and most importantly practice work.

Working at home? Is now standard. Earn money in your sleep? That will also come. The only question is how and when. The acronym “Work 4.0” stands for the opportunities and prospects, for the power of technology behind these changes, innovations, transformation.

What does that mean to you? As an entrepreneur or employee? As a student or freelancer or both? Where are the force fields, where are the dangers? Who are the key players in these processes? And most importantly, how can you use the thrust of visionaries as a tailwind for yourself and your future plans? We’ll show you what’s possible.

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