NOW – Anja C. Wagner

Again and again I am asked what I am currently doing. Therefore, here is my status quo report, also to protect myself.

I am sitting in Berlin, Germany, and I am currently focusing on these points:

  • Together with Nicole, build up our small FROLLEINFLOW agency, a contact point for all those willing to change in an educational context, who want to proactively shape the digital transformation of the network society. See our offer here.
  • Give many talks at the intersection of work & education 4.0 – online or in presence, however it is desired. See a selection of feedback here.
  • Think out loud in AnjaTime, trying to show people how to develop themselves in the 21st century, independent of formal offerings.
  • Write (in)regularly around the topic of work and education 4.0 on our blog, on Piqd or on LinkedIn. Also popular is my newsletter The NeWoS, which is published 10 times a year.
  • Support the development of our Instagram page with texts or ideas.
  • Work together with other people in various institutions on new impulses and formats around education for the 21st century and modern e-learning 4.0. Few things can be reported publicly. But something is happening.
  • Consistently assesses complex projects in an educational context. FROLLEINFLOW is increasingly taken seriously by “established” institutions.
  • Read as much as possible to develop myself personally and professionally (also and especially many e-books – honest!)
  • Like to meet for coffee with interested people to share about our and their activities. (After Corona again 😉
  • Also network with interesting new initiatives and take active support positions, such as with TeachOz, Teachfirst, or the new Co:Lab.
  • I like to think while walking, I don’t exercise enough, but I eat 98% vegetarian, 80% vegan and the remaining 2% I eat fish.

These are my priorities. I say no to all new unpaid projects. 2021 will demand a lot from us. I need to focus. Take care of yourselves!

If you want to give me feedback or make suggestions, please email me at

Last update: December 31, 2020. (Site inspired by Derek Sivers.)