The end of certificate madness?!

Copy from the former FLOWCAMPUS blog, now dormant … Do you know of any institutions that no longer value certifications? Then please enter them here in the form. Thank you! So, and here it goes now long to our GOOGLE survey (attention, Internet!): >> The end of certificate madness?!

The VHS of tomorrow. A few interjections

My initial thoughts for the heckler I was invited to make a contribution to the self-image of adult education centers at the VHS Day. To get into the groove of it, I had written a possible lecture to myself. In the end, I rejected this draft because it seemed too general and moralizing to me. […]

#Belgut – the unconditional learning credit

A contribution by Angelica Laurençon & Anja C. Wagner New Work is the new, contemporary cultural technique, which, like the introduction of the computer, should be state-of-the-art today, precisely because it is more successful. -Sven Franke (EYEHEIGHTworks) The central question, however, is … How do we get there? Today, the whole world is talking about […]