And this is what others say

What others think: “FROLLEINFLOW rocks!!!”

In the age of eVideo & ununi.TV

“frolleinflow ROCKS!!!”

At the time of the FLOWCAMPUS

You can find a variety of positive reactions to our Work 4.0 MOOC here.

Christoph Schmidt celebrates FlowCampus with its network approach in his book Digitalization for Laggards: Insights from a Digital Immigrant.

This was the opinion of a Swiss journalist in adult education:

In Germany, Anja C. Wagner likes to be called an edupunk mastermind, but she calls herself an “education troublemaker. Wagner founded the Internet community FlowCampus, which aims to help people and small businesses become optimistic co-creators of the digital future. FlowCampus is a think tank and a company in one – and thus demonstrates how creative thinking can become a business model. (EB NAVI 10/2017, p.45 – our commentary on FlowCampus).

And such mails reach us more and more often:

Dear Anja,

after a few days with other commitments, I am now starting to read in more intensively. I just read your article about Slack at Netzpiloten. You hit the nail on the head, I like – also in the lectures – your razor-sharp and so very comprehensible analyses and the benefit recognizable in it, which makes one constantly nod when reading it.

I have not yet used Slack intensively, I have too long too little observed these developments (which fascinate me) and devoted myself to other tasks. How fortunate that my future job is reviving the digital aspect….

I’m driven by how to bring my colleagues with me, ….

This morning I already listened to your podcast instead of my audio book – so far it is already. Got some catching up to do, it seems to me. But luckily I’m fascinated by these tools and what and how you can work with them and finally I can devote more time to it 🙂

Or something like that from a person unknown to us until now:

Thank you – please stay Quer – we urgently need “Quer” in many areas, especially in education / training and further education. (…)
Stay a warrior, if you ever get down, just write to me, I’ll motivate you again. You are needed because you are brave and try to teach an elephant (education system) how to dance ballet, you may run out of steam along the way.

One more …

ACW Cheers.png

And one more, because it’s so beautiful …

Marketing for FF ACW

Okay, here’s another great feedback …

Click here for the blogpost mentioned.

Some recommendations are so flattering – vanity hardly keeps me from noting that here, too:

Since we are generally very interested in the topic of digitization and everything related to it, we have been following Anja C. Wagner’s work for quite some time now and are enthusiastic about it. Hardly anyone is as up-to-date on the topic of “Education 4.0” and “Learning in digital times” as Anja C. Wagner from Berlin.

And #hach (THANK YOU :-):

In addition to the centerpiece (give and take on topics on site at the conference), we also offer practical reports from the member companies and in addition invite interesting external speakers to present on current topics of interest to the CL [Corporate Learning] units from the companies. In recent years, for example, we have heard many exciting presentations on the perennial topics of digitization/new skills/ AI/future of work/new work. You are also active in this field – and with a very interesting, unmistakable creative and provocative profile.

This is only an excerpt – if you are more interested, please google …