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Letter to all self-starters

Dear All,

i don’t know if anyone here is interested, but this idea has been floating through my head for a long time – and now i’m going to try it.

Should you …

  1. be a little stumbling due to the digital transformation – be it,
    1. that it is foreseeable, your job is in danger or
    2. he slides towards bullshit job or
    3. you are struggling with your studies, your apprenticeship or
    4. WHATEVER;
  2. seriously (!) get pregnant with the thought,
    1. to completely reinvent yourself gainfully,
    2. to actively contribute with your brain cells and your talents in this age;
  3. not know exactly how you could start (through), but really really be willing to go this way consistently;
  4. you can imagine that this might be easier overall in a group that supports each other.

If all of these 4 points apply to you in some way ….

Then I am available to you FREE of charge and FREE of charge in a kind of summer academy.

  • The whole thing is done mostly online,
  • but with a face-to-face meeting at the beginning and at the end in Berlin.

I do NOT expect anything in return.

Only absolute commitment for the 6 weeks we work together. The common goal should be for everyone, if possible, to take a big step for themselves at this stage and move forward.

From there:

Only those who are really serious about creating something completely new with a view to the challenges of our time (and that inevitably means in the current context: what-with-digital-technologies) – only with such people do I want to work in this context.

What you can (not) expect from me:

I don’t convince anyone, I don’t drive anyone, I don’t motivate anyone. And I probably can’t do that myself, which you want to create on it.

From my side, there is just a little accompanying context, a little discussion, a little orientation on how to develop self-determinedly on the net and document this in an appealing way. And that should be extrinsic motivation enough.

What I get out of it?

I will be happy if the example succeeds and I can report about it anonymously. Let’s say it’s a modern Open University Seminar – with no prerequisites other than motivation and commitment. Nothing more.

Mandatory dates

  • Start on July 12, 2pm meeting in Berlin for 3h
  • End on August 30, 2pm: meeting in Berlin for 3h
  • In between: Every Thursday at 18:30 video conference for 1,5h
  • Follow-up: 4.10., 18:30h via videoconference for 1,5h

Those interested in participating,

Age, gender, religion, degree, or the like is all the same.

If you are really interested, please sign up here by Sunday, June 10, 8pm:


In this run I will use max. Accommodate 4 people!

The selection is completely arbitrary on my part. I will meet them in such a way that an interesting, maximally diverse group comes together.

(No bribery possible! But to everyone who responds constructively, I give feedback – depending on the number, I may use Mailchimp, read our privacy policy).

I am curious …

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