EVENT: Spice up your LinkedIn profile (part 2) #clc25

Spice up your LinkedIn profile (part 2) #clc25This is the second part of the co-creative, free happening for anyone interested in the Corporate Learning Community: it’s about professionalizing your own profile and, if applicable, looking at new opportunities on LinkedIn for how you want to present yourself to the world.

This is not a workshop or even a lecture, but a collaborative event that you can use as an occasion to look at your public figurehead here on the platform and adjust it a bit. It’s also not a PR tool or a cheap attempt at marketing. Rather, this event serves me to finally focus on my profile revision.

Since the combination of “speaking and working on the profile in concentration” did not really work well at the first event attempt on 12.12.2022, we decided to target a second date and set up the format asynchronously. This has been done herewith. Maybe you can also use the winter break for this, so the idea …

Everyone who has updated their LinkedIn profile by the February deadline will then have the opportunity to come together and give each other feedback in randomly formed, small working groups on how the profile is affecting others.

This date was therefore used to set yourself a deadline by which you want to have professionalized your profile. That’s it.

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