How does it work with the badges?

We also “certify” your competence – if you have it …


Badges are informal badges that help document learned skills, even if they were/are not part of a (non-)formal learning opportunity.

We at FROLLEINFLOW have started to award first online badges to be able to confirm different facets of the competence 4.0 we have identified to individual “graduates” of our programs. Of course, we follow the standard of the (former) Mozilla Open Badges.

We award these badges to individuals who must meet certain criteria. For this purpose, the corresponding badge is assigned to the e-mail address of the person in question.

We award badges of the categories:


Behind each badge is clearly deposited, which criteria had to be fulfilled, in order to attain this badge by us. These criteria are assigned to the badge as metadata.

Individuals who have received badges can manage them in their own “backpacks” so that their own verified e-portfolio can develop over time as a result.

Backpacks can be created in different virtual locations. Obviously you create a backpack at Mozilla directly. People who prefer a German-language interface will find access translated into German, among other languages, in the EU project badgecraft.

We currently offer badge certifications for these offerings:

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