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Work structures our society and shapes ourselves. We are trained, educated and educated further so that we can exist in our profession, earn our own living and provide for a family.

At least, that’s how it was before the digital transformation took hold. Now jobs are being eliminated and with them entire professions and life concepts. However, the degrees and certificates acquired in the traditional education system do not qualify people for the new job requirements.

So what then? Anja C. Wagner gives us courage for change.

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Professional development reaches its historical limits


Why the certificate craze is coming to an end

Future of work

The life in the constant creative destruction

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Dr. Anja C. Wagner deals with global transformation in the digital age. She is considered a creative trendsetter and describes herself as an educational cross-dresser. In terms of content, it revolves around user experience, education policy, work organization and our future in a networked society. As managing director of FROLLEINFLOW, she writes expert opinions, books and articles, consults in a variety of ways and creatively strolls through the digital world.

Anja C. Wagner

What others say

A silver lining on the educational horizon! Anja proves conclusively and with profound expertise why the current education system is not suited to master the challenges of the future, not only since Corona, and gives concrete recommendations for all stakeholders. Absolutely read!
Knowing Anja, it’s no coincidence that we are mirrored in the cover 😉.

Astrid Tietgens, perspective 3

Gerald SwaratAnja’s book shows us that we have forgotten one thing about all the certificates, testimonials and diplomas that (are supposed to) pave our career path out of school: To question many things and to actively shape our co-world and future society.

Gerald Swarat, Co:Lab

We have been waiting for such a book for a long time, at least I have, because the German belief in certificates or our form of it has outlived its usefulness and is becoming increasingly absurd in a networked global world. The fact that in this country, in the face of a serious shortage of teachers, teachers with professional experience from industry and other areas are seen and treated as a “problem” for lateral entrants rather than as an opportunity is a shining example of this. Everyone has to learn, even the educators who already acquired their exactly fitting university diploma 30 years ago.

Britta R. Kollberg

Anja C. Wagner has published a fireworks display on the digitization of education in which Learning Management Systems do not even feature. It’s about more. Concrete tips alongside careful theoretical embedding for learners, teachers and educational institutions.

Christof Arn, College for Agile Education

Anja Wagner has been thinking about the digital transformation and its impact on professions and education for many years and comes up with radical solutions. In her book, she links economic developments, changes in the labor market and education policy in a simple and understandable way, albeit with surprising conclusions. It shakes the foundation of German education, the belief in certificates. Your analysis is interesting, opens unusual perspectives.

Instructor's Manual

In her book, Anja C. Wagner describes the development in the knowledge sector. The topic of continuing education or further qualification is the main point. In doing so, it draws on the actual state with all its shortcomings and insufficiencies. It becomes clear to the reader that HR departments now have to think differently and that everyone has to take responsibility for their own educational progress.

Sebastian Becker, medienbecker

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