An English-language digression on the future of work in 6 videos for international students.

In early summer 2017, we produced a digression on the topic of “Future of Work” for an English-language self-learning MOOC on international project management. The course should end up on KironX@EdX, maybe it will. Until then, it is “parked” on oncampus.

Those who want to go through the online course, this way, please. Some teachers use excerpts from it in their lessons so that young people can see what kind of world we are growing into.

The excursus on the topic “Future of Work” offers the following units:

  1. Introduction to FoW
    • The rise of the internet and the age of abundance
    • Globalization, platforms & automation
  2. New Work
    • Trends & structures: remote work, crowd working & virtual teams
    • Modern workflows: New tools & decentralized communication
  3. New Culture
    • Self-management: Agile processes & lifelong learning
    • Personal Networks: New working & learning environments