For almost 30 years, we have been practicing what is now called digital education. Now that all educational institutions are moving into online mode and will likely need to take advantage of digital opportunities for distributed working and learning for some time to come, we’re showing ways to make it happen.

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Online teaching quick & dirty

In this blog article, we have shown very pragmatically how you can quickly switch to online mode – and gradually expand this. The article generated a great deal of interest and has been linked to many times – by schools, media centers, professional education providers, teacher seminars and universities.

PART 1: Digital Organization & Management

Building on the blog article, Mathias Klohn of @duca has put together a 2-part rapid e-learning program that gives educational institutions a bit more multimedia exposure to the possibilities in plain language.

Part II: Digital teaching

Here, digital newcomer teachers learn about the simple tools they can use to get started with their online teaching. You can click through once in a short time and then have a good overview of how to approach e-learning.


Anja is a guest at Encouraging the teachers was the task. The result was well received!


Further explanation of the scenarios in the blog:

Classic scenario

Entry-level online scenario

Blended learning scenario

Co-creative scenario

Collaborative scenario 4.0