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Anja C. Wagner is an idiosyncratic, thought-provoking lateral thinker who calls for an understanding of education that fits the disruptive age. Her aim is to shake up people, organizations and also politics. She wants to show ways to prepare for the uncertain future of work – and how others have been practicing it for a long time.

Anja will entertain and motivate those in the audience who want to creatively meet the challenges of the future. Whether young or old, it is able to inspire across the generations. Afterwards, you will know who to count on for your Change in the future.

Possible topics:

  • What cultural and technological developments are shaping the current state of the digital age?
  • How do other people deal constructively with these developments when they have already been caught by the first disruptive waves?
  • What policies can make a difference regionally and educationally?
  • What do subversive strategies look like when leaders sleep through change?
  • How can managers themselves create good framework conditions to motivate their team for the digital transformation?
  • How can regions use the digital transformation to transform themselves into an innovation cluster?
  • What can small and medium-sized companies do to position themselves attractively for new workers or young people?
  • What can modern scientists do to participate innovatively in shaping the future and to help train innovative minds qualitatively?
  • etc. etc.

The formats can be done in presence on site or online. We are flexible and can contribute with tips. We can also develop and execute diverse, hybrid formats that immediately groove participants in a contemporary, digital practice. So from the lecture lead directly into a working group or community of practice – or from the online lecture into a face-to-face workshop or whatever. Many things are conceivable here. Let’s be creative!

A little feedback?!

As an introduction to the event, Anja C. Wagner from “FROLLEINFLOW – Institute for Creative Flaneurs” offered a stirring keynote on current developments in the world of education, which electrified the audience and encouraged them to do the same as the “education troublemaker” and discuss new ideas and approaches.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your really great presentation, which we enjoyed very much. You have really shaken up some members of the association with your theses. Let’s see what new ideas and association projects can be developed from this.

The world was somewhat ambivalent after your presentation – as expected. The part of the “willing” was of the opinion “that this has to be tackled now”. The part of the traditionalists, as well as the part who do not reflect their own daily work accordingly, was somewhat disturbed.

I found your talk peppered with so much interesting news that I’m going to completely rethink some of my approaches for perspective.

It was nice to meet you yesterday and your participation really enriched the panel.

Hi Anja, was today at the educational beer in Lucerne. A great format with a good contribution from your side.

Thanks again for the great presentation – the presentation and good participation got everyone upbeat ; )

Otherwise, since yesterday, I can hardly imagine doing some of my projects without you or an equivalent with your skills. I really didn’t expect anything like this yesterday. Exciting!

Hello Dr. Wagner, I found your presentation very stimulating and the discussion refreshing. We otherwise very often circle around in our own world of school and education. That was wonderful!


From 2004 to 2011, Anja explored the potential of videos in learning scenarios in the legendary eVideo project at HTW Berlin. At the end of 2011, this resulted in ununi.TV, a discourse platform that was ahead of its time, but gave an idea of what continuing education might look like in the future. As part of eVideo and also ununi.TV, Anja conducted a variety of online interviews and conversations via video conferencing.

For the MOOCs on Work 4.0 and regional education, FROLLEINFLOW had also conducted lots of interviews on site and integrated them into entertaining formats.

AnjaTime is another format Anja is experimenting with to introduce edutainment to the German-speaking world.

We are happy to produce customized videos for you, be it interviews (online or in presence), AnjaTimes related to your specific questions, content summaries, introduce you to the use of video conferencing or similar. Talk to us!

You want to get in contact with Anja?

Please contact us by by email to frolleinflow ÄTT gmail.com! We work decentralized and mobile. But we will get back to you as soon as possible. GUARANTEED! 

Here is a selection of lectures

DRK: Mehr kollektive Intelligenz wagen (2023)

Wie Organisationen mit Spontanhelfenden im Ehrenamt umgehen können

Smart City Forum Neu-Ulm (2022)

Digitale Teilhabe in einer smarten Stadt der Zukunft

Learning 4.0 @ EADL (in english)

What’s the future of distance learning? The European Association for Distance Leaning asked.

Zukunft der Hochschulen (2018)

„Im Spannungsfeld des Diskurses zwischen Verhinderer und Euphoriker“

Jugend Online Events (2017 – …)

In der Keynote des Jugend Online Events 2017 spricht Anja C. Wagner über die Welt von Morgen, und wie Du Dich dafür am besten rüsten kannst.

Samsung Summit 2017

„Future of Work“ and how do we get there – Fahrplan zum Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft

Weiterbildungstage (2016 – …)

Eingeleitet wurde die Diskussion von einer Keynote Speech von Dr. Anja C. Wagner – kreative Trendsetterin und Bildungsforscherin mit Schwerpunkt digitaler Wandel.

VHS Tag 2016

Die Ruckrede von Anja zur Zukunft der Volkshochschulen.

Interview für den Stifterverband 2014

Dieses Video und vor allem der Titel ist zu einem geflügelten Wort in der analogen Weiterbildungslandschaft geworden.