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Work structures our society and shapes ourselves. We are trained, educated and educated further so that we can exist in our profession, earn our own living and provide for a family.

At least, that’s how it was before the digital transformation took hold. Now jobs are being eliminated and with them entire professions and life concepts. However, the degrees and certificates acquired in the traditional education system do not qualify people for the new job requirements.

So what then? Anja C. Wagner gives us courage for change.

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Topics covered


Professional development reaches its historical limits


Why the certificate craze is coming to an end

Future of work

The life in the constant creative destruction

What to do?

What's next for you and us and everyone involved?

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Dr. Anja C. Wagner deals with global transformation in the digital age. She is considered a creative trendsetter and describes herself as an educational cross-dresser. In terms of content, it revolves around user experience, education policy, work organization and our future in a networked society. As managing director of FROLLEINFLOW, she writes expert opinions, books and articles, consults in a variety of ways and creatively strolls through the digital world.

Anja C. Wagner

What others say

Am very excited about the book! Hopefully not too far ahead of the times again 😉

Astrid Tietgens, perspective 3

Anja’s book shows us that we have forgotten one thing about all the certificates, testimonials and diplomas that (are supposed to) pave our career path out of school: To question many things and to actively shape our co-world and future society.

Gerald Swarat, Co:Lab