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Fit for the digital future


B(u)ilding 4.0 – the working world of tomorrow is here, just unequally distributed.
Or: How people should prepare for this world?!


Dr. Anja C. Wagner


We are currently in a phase of social upheaval comparable to the start of industrialization. We can feel it in the first symptoms: the phase is becoming increasingly upheaval. It is becoming more and more radical. And it will probably be most uncomfortable for many of us.

At the same time, the necessary discussions are not even remotely in line with reality. There is a so-called “fear” discourse. Many still defend their old worldviews, their (old) supporters and followers.

Meanwhile: Whether all people will still have to (and be able to) work for a living in the foreseeable future or whether machines will take most of the work off our hands – no one knows, and many discussions here like to dwell in the realm of speculation.

What we do know, however: Today’s young people will spend a large part of their lives in a society that we can’t even begin to think about today.

  • How to prepare them for it?
  • What is happening elsewhere in “education”?
  • What do modern competency images look like that will help us master the challenges of the future?
  • What are the discussions?
  • And which are rather superfluous?

That’s what we should be talking about. Me first! Then you/you! And then all of us together!

I am looking forward to it! See you in Karlsruhe! 🙂

Until then

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