Academy structure

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What is an academy?

Academies are traditionally places where research, teaching and exchange take place. In the past, it was a place of and for academics – in times of the networked knowledge society, we are all per se permanent lifelong learners. And that’s a good thing!

Now, one can take the position of having academic output delivered to one on a regular basis by others in order to consume it. Or one takes a change of perspective and also sees oneself as a provider of qualitative information or exchange formats. You can build fancy solutions around your own products and services – from very small (like a small learning environment) to very large scenarios (like a networked learning setting under your brand flag or similar).

  • Forget your spontaneous associations with dreary seminar rooms with neon light atmosphere!
  • Forget traditional learning management systems with text-heavy online courses!
  • Forget about all the classical knowledge transfer!

Okay, if you have good content, you can “convey” it in an original way.

But: Make something of your own, funny, exciting, multimedia!
  1. Take care of the entertaining continuing education of your employees!
  2. Attract competent, new professionals via your congenial learning environments!
  3. Inform your suppliers and customers about your offers!
  4. Go to the nets!
  5. Let’s think anew!
  6. Plays the whole keyboard!
  7. Work with storytelling!
  8. Make it cool!

Such environments scale well. Start small and then look at demand. If necessary, you can also integrate more traditional formats. We are well connected and have practiced this for many years. We can do it! From learning resource production to web-based training, social community learning to MOOCs. We will find just the right mix for you! It doesn’t matter if you are a small company, an association or a corporation.

For the back of your head

  • ANYONE can be a good academy provider today – with qualified support!
  • This pays off your brand. GUARANTEED!

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